NOLA Homecoming

Los Angeles Clippers guard, Chris Paul, made his return to the majestic city of New Orleans this past weekend. Paul was originally drafted back in 2005 in the first round by the New Orleans Hornets and quickly shocked the world with his smart wits and craftiness on the court as a magician with the ball in his hand. He established that he would be the league’s most dominant point guard in the future.

Off the court in the city of New Orleans while Paul was there, he was one of the most impactful people in the city. He formed this  Chris Paul Foundation and the CP3 Boys and Girls Club in the heart of the city during his career in a New Orleans uniform. When he gets the chance to return there, he picks up right where he left off. In the last 9 years as a All-Star, this was his first time not being picked to represent the Western Conference. This didn’t stop him from representing himself and his good values, as good of a man of the court that he is, where he hosted a State Farm Neighborhood Sessions at the House of Blues with a few friends such as DJ Khaled. He also did a event at the local schools and YMCA where he funded them new technology for the kids and gave back to the youth.

Despite being snubbed from the Western Conference All-Star roster, Paul managed to have a very successful All-Star Weekend in the city the he grew up in. The return of the Prince of New Orleans.


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