Real Love or Fake Love

Love and friendly affairs are what we all enjoy the most in life. We also long for a best friend. History was made after the matter 8 long, lonely months where Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant and Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russel Westbrook have interacted with each other on the court since their break up in July 2016.

These two NBA superstars were once best friends when they both played for the Oklahoma Thunder until Durant wanted out and departed for Oakland, California to join the two-time MVP Stephen Curry and the top team in the Western Conference. Russ indeed felt some disappointment to the trade as the team would become his to control entirely. After two regular season games against each other, Kevin and Russ never complimented each other nor wanted anything to do with each other either. There were plenty of words exchanged between the two during those games. Even at the All-Star event, they avoided each other…. only until game time where the glass wall was shattered. A perfect give and go alley-oop from Durant to Westbrook was executed to the point as fans and teammates went crazy.  The West bench reaction (via Anthony Slater) during a media timeout was priceless Sunday night as Demarcus Cousins, who was recently traded to New Orleans after the game, started a round of applause for the two.

“Nice give-and-go, good give-and-go” as stated by Russ himself during a media timeout. Nothing more and nothing less of what the fans wanted to see during the game despite it being a one time play the entire game between the two. Could this be the start that rekindles their relationship?

Link to Video: here



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