Wheels up for Boogie

After the All-Star game, Demarcus was asked about how his weekend went in the city of New Orleans. Little did he know, he would be there for more than just the weekend. More like the remainder of his career. The Kings, without second thought, decided to trade Cousins to the Pelicans to acquire guards and a first round pick for the next draft. As Cousins would say, “this is getting ridiculous!” We are all for certain that we feel the same as well Cousins. Even NBA 2k17 won’t allow this trade in the video game!

Yesterday morning, Demarcus held a farewell get together for the Sacramento organization and himself to say his goodbyes. Cousins was highly emotional during the speech himself as he fought back the overwhelming of tears.┬áCousins says, “my love for the city will never change,” as we all know this to be truthful. Demarcus says he had no intention on leaving the well built organization established by former Kings power forward and now General Manager Vladi Divac, as he stated in his interview with the Pelicans that he “didn’t want to leave Sacramento.” Can’t really stop a business as unexpected this was to the NBA league.

The newly improved Pelicans now have a super powered front court with Anthony Davis and Cousins and now the return of their starting point guard, Jrue Holiday, as the Pelicans now look to the second half of the season as a chance to take over the 8th seed in the Western Conference. We will see where this takes the Pelicans.


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